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The Village Poet Press is a new arrival in the small-press publishing industry. Its founder, Stacey Katheryn, was inspired to create this business during her efforts to self-publish her fantasy novels and through trial, error and research, discovered that publishing through a company, as opposed to self-publishing by name, is the ideal and most professional way to go.

As of this moment, it is for self-publishing purposes only, as a means to increase the professionalism of her products through business and marketing. Her passion for writing has led her down an extraordinary path in which new things are being discovered every day, new ideas are being tested and utilized, all in the name of sharing her precious written works with book lovers all around the world.

Her primary source of publishing is currently electronic, through for Kindles of all kinds. She hopes to further expand availability by publishing not just through other e-reader devices, but paper print as well.

Stacey Katheryn’s most recent project in publication is her fantasy series fourteen years in the creating,¬† The Legends of Sangue (click for more information, including book descriptions, character biographies and snippets), with three published novels and more on the way. One book is being published every three months.

The Village Poet Press’s Most Recent Publications:


April 30th, 2012


Blood of Darkness

Book One of The Legends of Sangue

Purchase Novel Here

Read Snippets Here



December 12, 2012

cover Murder on her Mind

Book Two of The Legends of Sangue

 Purchase Novel Here

Read Snippets Here



March 13th, 2013

cover Destroyed

Book Three of The Legends of Sangue

Purchase Novel Here

Read Snippets Here




Book four is in the works, and more novels will come soon! Check back often for updates on book titles, availability, progress, sales and more!


Stacey Katheryn’s Personal Blog: Words of Fantasy

The Legends of Sangue

Purchase Novels Here

The Village Poet Press on Facebook


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